(Pseudo-Rap) Ring Around The Roses — Wedding Tribute version

This is perhaps the first time I’ve tried to seriously write a rap. There are two versions of this pseudo-rap, this one being the first. I wrote this as a wedding present Mayur and his wife Akshatha, but didn’t get the chance to perform it for them (this piece is best experienced performed, not read). The second version is a personal one, but I’ll upload that some other time. 🙂

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Why I Rebel Against Conformity of All Kinds

I’ve fought against Conformity my whole life since a kid, the consequences of which was — almost always — alienation and worse. And now, even as an adult, I’m fighting Conformity yet again, if not my peer-circle, then the industrial, cultural and political clutches.

No matter what Conservatives, Marxists and otherwise would have you believe, unquestioning conformity isn’t really healthy for a person’s development. But those in position of power don’t want any of us to believe that, because by grouping people together it helps “control” us towards a central agenda. This is where illogical beliefs are bred. This is where superstitions are born. This is where impartial PR masquerades as “scientific fact” that we take for granted due to the nature of the echo-chambers.

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Lazy Designers and Their Wings

So I was designing some wings for an illustration for project. Thought I’d just snag some already available on Google Images, but something in me made we want to write this, going, “SHUT UP AND READ THIS!”

….Okay, inner voice. Okay.

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We’re All Nazis

I’m no expert in politics and economics. But what follows here is just my understanding of things and how I arrived to it.

Politics and Consumerism go hand in hand. No shit, right? I’m pretty sure everyone knew this was obvious. But to what extent this is the case might actually be far more horrifying than we give it credit for. And it goes far beyond the straightforward “buying and selling” of governments.

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Plume Creator — Redesign

A while back, trying to look for a good novel-writing solution for Ubuntu / Linux, I bumped into a software called Plume Creator. I quickly grew very fond of it, and decided to use it exclusively for most of my stories. Eventually, however, some ui quirks began to bother me, so I asked the developer if I could help design it better. Fortunately, he was open to it, and we began working with other testers, who also provided great UI feedback, to help make Plume better!

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Lament: Empathy Wasted

I’m not an empathetic person. I was never an empathetic person. But for some reason, I’m here.

To a lot of people, Empathy is nothing more than the ability to know what someone else might be feeling, and knowing what action may be appropriate at the moment. For some reason, I was never good at that. NEVER good at that.

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Time Travel Art Collab

It’s done. Whatever it was that you sought to create — an art project, poetry, writing, performance, etc. — it’s done! Finishing your project gives you a certain sense of accomplishment that’s unparalleled. You’ve worked hard on it, and you’ve come out with flying colors. You’re proud of what you’ve just built, and it might just stay with you forever.

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