An Open Letter To The Feminists Who Still Defend Liberal Principles

Ever since the Fourth Wave has begun, I’ve noticed a trend recently, especially in Social Media: Most individuals only seem to “befriend” each other, not because they have something in common or want to get along in a socially healthy way, but because everyone seems to be wanting to “connect” with potential political allies, and ditching them entirely when they don’t seem to be (such as being “seemingly racist” when criticizing the situation with Islam / Saudi Arabia, when they’re in fact not racists).

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Do Anti-Feminists Understand Feminism?

Some thoughts on Anti-Feminism.

Everytime someone begins to critique — or even outright unfairly slams — Feminism, one of the most common responses is the old scripted and regurgitated line, “You don’t understand Feminism”. This is ironic, considering Feminism at large doesn’t really understand why anyone would be opposed to the ideology either (they often assume it’s because “Male Supremacists don’t wanna give away power” or “want the right to rape”, which is nonsensical because… who the heck in their right minds would want the RIGHT to RAPE?)

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Musings: Languages, Cultures and Conflicts. Why We Suck At Communicating

Contrary to popular belief (and I could again put “Feminism” as an example here, but I digress), words and languages aren’t a monolith. Not only do their definitions, or even core “meaning” beyond definitions, change through time but they are also extremely malleable. In fact, a given “bad word” may mean as something offensive today but can also be a badge of honor tomorrow (unless you’re persistent about keeping it that way). Such words include “nerds” and “geeks”, the values of which was negative a decade back but now is widely accepted by popular scientists to describe themselves.

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Keeping The ‘Kalam’ In Hand

A passionate engineer. A reluctant politician. A man who was so intellectually and empathetically connected with the youth of this nation that his birthday is regarded as World Students Day.

A tragic news detonated across the internet: The People’s President had passed away due to cardiac arrest. Knowing this, the social media flooded with remorse, venerations and even stories of the man’s intelligence, accomplishments and — above all — his kindness.

This isn’t one of those stories. There’s plenty of them elsewhere.

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dMACQ ECM — Video Presentation

I worked with RolligStache Studios as an animator on a video presentation for our client dMACQ. The animation needed to be timed to the video, so I focused on animating individual elements instead we could compose them as we go, except for the city / angel and sole motion graphics scenes.

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(Short Story) Keep Calm And Kill

There is Us. There is Them. And in between… there are Echoes.

Originally posted on CampusDiaries.


I wrote this story in a day, without preparations, on a given theme for Words’ Worth competition at 30th of December. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the story in time. That’s totally okay, because I was only in it for the challenge, and I’m happy.

The theme was dichotomies and binary words (example: Hot-Cold, Big-Small, etc.) where one can be estimated in comparison with another. Considering I’ve been voicing about a certain dichotomy in our very lives for a while now, the “Us-Them” binary has was the first thing that hit me, which resulted in me writing this story in my stream-of-consciousness. This is also an extension of my poem “Imaginary Lines”.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing!

Disclaimer: This is purely fictional. None of the characters or settings represent anything or anyone in real life, nor does it portray accurately how the military functions. I’m taking artistic liberties here. Also, despite the fictional setting, I do take inspiration from real events – such as soldiers being abandoned after their services, CIA tortures, sexual war-crimes by armed forces, etc. – to get a point across. I’ve intentionally left most characters nameless to keep them amorphous, so it becomes easier to imagine them as just about anyone from any group, race or political leaning.

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(Pseudo-Rap) Ring Around The Roses — Wedding Tribute version

This is perhaps the first time I’ve tried to seriously write a rap. There are two versions of this pseudo-rap, this one being the first. I wrote this as a wedding present Mayur and his wife Akshatha, but didn’t get the chance to perform it for them (this piece is best experienced performed, not read). The second version is a personal one, but I’ll upload that some other time. 🙂

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Why I Rebel Against Conformity of All Kinds

I’ve fought against Conformity my whole life since a kid, the consequences of which was — almost always — alienation and worse. And now, even as an adult, I’m fighting Conformity yet again, if not my peer-circle, then the industrial, cultural and political clutches.

No matter what Conservatives, Marxists and otherwise would have you believe, unquestioning conformity isn’t really healthy for a person’s development. But those in position of power don’t want any of us to believe that, because by grouping people together it helps “control” us towards a central agenda. This is where illogical beliefs are bred. This is where superstitions are born. This is where impartial PR masquerades as “scientific fact” that we take for granted due to the nature of the echo-chambers.

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