(Pseudo-Rap) Ring Around The Roses — Wedding Tribute version

This is per­haps the first time I’ve tried to seri­ous­ly write a rap. There are two ver­sions of this pseu­do-rap, this one being the first. I wrote this as a wed­ding present Mayur and his wife Akshatha, but didn’t get the chance to per­form it for them (this piece is best expe­ri­enced per­formed, not read). The sec­ond ver­sion is a per­son­al one, but I’ll upload that some oth­er time. 🙂

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Why I Rebel Against Conformity of All Kinds

I’ve fought against Conformity my whole life since a kid, the con­se­quences of which was — almost always — alien­ation and worse. And now, even as an adult, I’m fight­ing Conformity yet again, if not my peer-cir­cle, then the indus­tri­al, cul­tur­al and polit­i­cal clutch­es.

No mat­ter what Conservatives, Marxists and oth­er­wise would have you believe, unques­tion­ing con­for­mi­ty isn’t real­ly healthy for a person’s devel­op­ment. But those in posi­tion of pow­er don’t want any of us to believe that, because by group­ing peo­ple togeth­er it helps “con­trol” us towards a cen­tral agen­da. This is where illog­i­cal beliefs are bred. This is where super­sti­tions are born. This is where impar­tial PR mas­quer­ades as “sci­en­tif­ic fact” that we take for grant­ed due to the nature of the echo-cham­bers.

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Lazy Designers and Their Wings

So I was design­ing some wings for an illus­tra­tion for project. Thought I’d just snag some already avail­able on Google Images, but some­thing in me made we want to write this, going, “SHUT UP AND READ THIS!”

.…Okay, inner voice. Okay.

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We’re All Nazis

I’m no expert in pol­i­tics and eco­nom­ics. But what fol­lows here is just my under­stand­ing of things and how I arrived to it.

Politics and Consumerism go hand in hand. No shit, right? I’m pret­ty sure every­one knew this was obvi­ous. But to what extent this is the case might actu­al­ly be far more hor­ri­fy­ing than we give it cred­it for. And it goes far beyond the straight­for­ward “buy­ing and sell­ing” of gov­ern­ments.

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Plume Creator — Redesign

A while back, try­ing to look for a good nov­el-writ­ing solu­tion for Ubuntu / Linux, I bumped into a soft­ware called Plume Creator. I quick­ly grew very fond of it, and decid­ed to use it exclu­sive­ly for most of my sto­ries. Eventually, how­ev­er, some ui quirks began to both­er me, so I asked the devel­op­er if I could help design it bet­ter. Fortunately, he was open to it, and we began work­ing with oth­er testers, who also pro­vid­ed great UI feed­back, to help make Plume bet­ter!

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Lament: Empathy Wasted

I’m not an empa­thet­ic per­son. I was nev­er an empa­thet­ic per­son. But for some rea­son, I’m here.

To a lot of peo­ple, Empathy is noth­ing more than the abil­i­ty to know what some­one else might be feel­ing, and know­ing what action may be appro­pri­ate at the moment. For some rea­son, I was nev­er good at that. NEVER good at that.

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Time Travel Art Collab

It’s done. Whatever it was that you sought to cre­ate — an art project, poet­ry, writ­ing, per­for­mance, etc. — it’s done! Finishing your project gives you a cer­tain sense of accom­plish­ment that’s unpar­al­leled. You’ve worked hard on it, and you’ve come out with fly­ing col­ors. You’re proud of what you’ve just built, and it might just stay with you for­ev­er.

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