Wonder Woman — Lasso and Lightning

Have you watched the Wonder Woman movie yet? I swear to Zeus, it’s the best thing ever. Here’s the art. Description is down below.

After watch­ing the recent Wonder Woman, I was so enthused — for days — that I couldn’t stop fan­ta­siz­ing and talk­ing about it. It is legit­i­mate­ly the best film to come out of the DC cin­e­mat­ic uni­verse, and despite a cou­ple of nar­ra­tive flaws in the sto­ry I was so hap­py that they got the essence of this clas­sic hero so right! I real­ly want­ed to make a poster art out of this.

Rather than mak­ing a straight-for­ward char­ac­ter art, though, I want­ed to do some­thing dif­fer­ent. I want­ed to tell a sto­ry and exper­i­ment with sym­bol­ism, try­ing to cap­ture the essence of what the movie was try­ing to con­vey. It’s some­thing I was nev­er good at. So let me know if I’ve suc­ceed­ed, and tell me what sym­bol­ism you’ve spot­ted me using thus far!

Initially the con­cept I was try­ing to work on was the “Godkiller” scenes from the film, but because some of my tests came out a bit bland, it instead evolved into some­thing else entire­ly. And I real­ly like how it’s turned out!

That said, Gal Gadot was born to play this role. Also, Steve Trevor is a hero, even if with­out super­pow­ers.

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MCA CET 2017) — Animated Promo">Gunvan Bharat (MCA CET 2017) — Animated Promo

This sum­mer, I was com­mis­sioned for two ani­mat­ed videos to pro­mote Gunvan Bharat’s reg­is­tra­tions open­ings — one which I’m not real­ly proud of (giv­en the rushed dead­line), and anoth­er which I real­ly like how it turned out. This post is about the lat­ter.

The brief for this one giv­en to me was sim­ple, frame-by-frame ani­ma­tion (aka, frames drawn by hand), with the style being noth­ing but clean lines.

Of course, there were aspects of the sto­ry­board that couldn’t be quick­ly done by hand giv­en the tight dead­line, so I had to resort to cheat­ing — using back­face culling and motion tweens in 3D space — while still giv­ing it the appear­ance of hand-drawn ani­ma­tion.

The tools used in this project were Krita (for frame-by-frame ani­ma­tion), Synfig and Blender (for every­thing else).

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Doobbear — Motion Graphics Promo

A few years back I was asked to help RollingStache Studios cre­ate a pro­mo­tion­al video for a brand new social media app called Doobbear. So, with every ounce of my skill at my dis­pos­al, from sto­ry­board­ing, to ani­ma­tion, I did just that, along with help from artists from the stu­dio han­dling illus­tra­tions, cer­tain aspects of motion graph­ics, as well as the final com­pi­la­tion and sound design.

Since I was pro­fi­cient in them — and because it was entire­ly pos­si­ble as well as con­ve­nient — I stuck through the entire project with open­source soft­ware, such as Inkscape, Krita, Synfig and Blender.

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A poem I wrote some­time two years back about the human nature’s destruc­tive ide­o­log­i­cal cer­tain­ty. Initially I was frus­trat­ed by such a ten­den­cy on the Right, but recent­ly I’ve start­ed notic­ing it on the Left too where it grew dan­ger­ous­ly in the last few years.

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Slam Poetry, SJW-ism and Rant Poems

Before I begin, let me ask you this: Is it real­ly THAT hard (par­tic­u­lar­ly for ide­o­logues) to write a poem with­out mak­ing a polit­i­cal state­ment?

Good lord, it’s get­ting hard­er and hard­er to find poems on Youtube that are NOT Far-Left / Neo-Progressive or Far-Right Religious tripe. Not that I mind lis­ten­ing to them (some of them are pret­ty good), but they’re so rid­dled with… bull­shit.

On top of THAT, it’s almost as if most poets are wor­ried their art will have no mean­ing if they don’t shoe­horn Social Justice mes­sages into it. I mean, we all love SJW-ism once in a while, but does is nobody write some­thing that makes you over­come with WONDER any­more? Does nobody tell a sto­ry any­more?

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DSK International Campus — UI / Website Redesign">DSK International Campus — UI / Website Redesign

On my brief con­tract with DSKIC, among many oth­er things I was asked to redesign their web­site. One of the core points in the brief was to keep it tra­di­tion­al­ly famil­iar (along sim­i­lar lines as the Rubika web­site), and yet upgrade the looks as well as the inter­face to fit in with mod­ern times. After the upgrade, I even­tu­al­ly hand­ed the admin­is­tra­tion of the site back to the school.

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Left Wing, Right Wing, and the Third Option

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert in pol­i­tics, but I’ve been doing my fair share of study and this is what I’ve observed. If you dis­agree with me on any­thing, feel free to cri­tique my views.

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& Illustrations for Pune Poetry Slam, 2014">Logo & Illustrations for Pune Poetry Slam, 2014

The “Pune Poetry Slam” move­ment offi­cial­ly began at November of 2013, when a group of school stu­dents — inspired by west­ern poets like Phil Kaye, Sarah Kay and Anis Mojgani — decid­ed to start their own small slam ses­sions in the city. Ever since then, the Spoken Word cul­ture of Pune explod­ed city-wide, invit­ing poets of many ori­gins and pro­fes­sions, from dif­fer­ent parts of the coun­try.

I decid­ed to illus­trate some of these most reg­u­lar and amaz­ing poets of the year ’14 as a means to cel­e­brate their art.

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