Graphic Design and UI / UX Development

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Graphic Design

Travel o Wik — Branding

Some time back I was request­ed to do some brand­ing work for Travel o’ Wiki. The catch was that they had a shoe­string bud­get in terms of start­ing off their brand and required core col­lat­er­als — most­ly a Logo, Mascot, Letterhead and Business Card — for the launch of their web­site. Considering this was my first major brand­ing project, I did my best to cre­ate the nec­es­sary col­lat­er­als, includ­ing the mas­cot in sev­er­al pos­es and var­i­ous uses.

DSK International Campus — UI / Website Redesign

On my brief con­tract with DSKIC, among many oth­er things I was asked to redesign their web­site. One of the core points in the brief was to keep it tra­di­tion­al­ly famil­iar (along sim­i­lar lines as the Rubika web­site), and yet upgrade the looks as well as the inter­face to fit in with mod­ern times. After the upgrade, I even­tu­al­ly hand­ed the admin­is­tra­tion of the site back to the school.

Plume Creator — Redesign

A while back, try­ing to look for a good nov­el-writ­ing solu­tion for Ubuntu / Linux, I bumped into a soft­ware called Plume Creator. I quick­ly grew very fond of it, and decid­ed to use it exclu­sive­ly for most of my sto­ries. Eventually, how­ev­er, some ui quirks began to both­er me, so I asked the devel­op­er if I could help design it bet­ter. Fortunately, he was open to it, and we began work­ing with oth­er testers, who also pro­vid­ed great UI feed­back, to help make Plume bet­ter!

Zim Wiki – Visual Redesign

Zim Wiki is per­haps my most favorite note­book app for Linux that I heav­i­ly depend on. So I’ve tak­en lib­er­ties to see how it can be improved.