An Open Letter To The Feminists Who Still Defend Liberal Principles

Ever since the Fourth Wave has begun, I’ve noticed a trend recent­ly, espe­cial­ly in Social Media: Most indi­vid­u­als only seem to “befriend” each oth­er, not because they have some­thing in com­mon or want to get along in a social­ly healthy way, but because every­one seems to be want­i­ng to “con­nect” with poten­tial polit­i­cal allies, and ditch­ing them entire­ly when they don’t seem to be (such as being “seem­ing­ly racist” when crit­i­ciz­ing the sit­u­a­tion with Islam / Saudi Arabia, when they’re in fact not racists).

For exam­ple, time and again peo­ple talk to me or add me in because I’m extreme­ly pro-woman, pro-chil­dren and pro-human rights, but the moment I begin to ques­tion Feminism — or even declare myself to be Anti-Feminist — they unfriend me or block me, because I don’t share their polit­i­cal views. (And trust me, this was the case way before I start­ed get­ting annoy­ing­ly Anti-Feminist on my own Social Media chan­nels, but it’s actu­al­ly not as much annoy­ing com­pared to dis­sent­ing Religious-Turned-Atheists who rebel because they feel they’ve been manip­u­lat­ed and lied to all their lives. Honestly, I feel the same way they do.)

There’s also the issues with cen­sor­ship, but I’ll be digress­ing from the point of this let­ter.

For the Feminists who stuck around, and either endured or read through my posts any­way,
For those who looked at me as a per­son with con­cerns and intel­lect, rather than a polit­i­cal neme­sis,
For those who have nev­er denied my right to say things, no mat­ter how absurd or out­ra­geous you’ve found me to be,
For those who did not resort to bul­ly­ing me, sham­ing me, or call­ing me sex­ist, misog­y­nist, racist, etc.,
For those who even encour­aged me to crit­i­cize the move­ment in agree­ment that every­thing deserves its fair share of crit­i­cism, reli­gion or no,
And espe­cial­ly those who active­ly defend­ed my rights to say it,

Thank you for appre­ci­at­ing my rights to say what I feel, and thank you for still pro­vid­ing me a plat­form. That hasn’t gone unno­ticed by me. I appre­ci­ate that very much.

And that’s what I real­ly love about you guys. Despite your polit­i­cal align­ment and per­son­al philoso­phies, you’ve nev­er both­ered to enforce it down some­one else’s throat. You’ve defend­ed lib­er­al prin­ci­ples and respect­ed indi­vid­ual free­dom, nev­er allow­ing that to be cor­rupt­ed by your own moral­i­ty. You’ve always appre­ci­at­ed what some­one else had to say, even if you don’t agree with it. And you’ve active­ly tak­en a stand to pro­tect the rights of those that were sus­cep­ti­ble of being vio­lat­ed, such as the FTII issues. You’ve revolt­ed at every sign of “ban­ning” things, whether the ban serves some­one else’s moral­i­ty or your own.

You’ve rec­og­nized peo­ple as “peo­ple”, indi­vid­u­als as “indi­vid­u­als”, con­sid­ered their worth on their own indi­vid­ual mer­its, with­out plac­ing them in arbi­trary labels of iden­ti­ty pol­i­tics. And more impor­tant­ly, you’ve opened up con­nec­tions of dis­course between peo­ple of diverse opin­ions, and not shut­ting them down “because blas­phe­my / satan / apos­ta­sy / misog­y­ny / priv­i­lege”.

That is the one thing tru­ly beau­ti­ful about you. Please don’t change that about your­self. Please don’t buy into the fuck­ing cir­cus that main­stream Feminism and the media has become.

Because you might just be the last remain­ing Liberal Feminists. There’s more of you need­ed than less. If you change, every­thing that is “benign­ly human” about Feminism will be effec­tive­ly dead.

Your friend­ly neigh­bor­hood dis­il­lu­sioned ide­al­ist.


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