Cyan Los

Who Am I?

I'm a sucker for good stories, good art and good puns — no matter what the genre. Sometimes I trace and color a catalogue out of what vivifies an ordinary person's spirit, and occassionally throw words into a heated frying pan just to see what that omlette tastes like.

I'm also a guy with way too many ideas wanting to be realized. This sets me on a journey to consistently grow as an artist and expand my skillset, either by exploring ideas, techniques and workflows on my own or helping my clients in any way possible.

The primary reason I've created this blog is not just to document the work I've commercially done, but also the work that I'm personally doing. This blog is a place for me to think aloud and unrestrained by structure, so that I can gather my thoughts on best practices and at the same time get feedback on how I can do better.

What is My Experience?

I'm a Digital Artist, and I've worked with 2D and 3D, as well as Animation and Graphic Design, for quite some years now. I like telling stories through visual medium, which many of my clients love to commission me for in order to realize their vision in interesting ways. Some of my satisfied clients include DSK International Campus, Sarvashikshan, RollingStache Studios, Doobbear, Exceptionaire Technologies and that everyday Average Joe / Jane who loves making their loved one smile with the gift of art.

What Tools Do I Use?

I may be a tech-lover, but I believe that the power of art doesn't lie in the tool that builds it, but the intentions of the artist. It's the same principle that photographers also often live by: "The best camera is the one you always have it with you at all times."

Having completed my certification in multimedia course, I'm quite adept at proprietary softwares from Adobe, Autodesk and Corel, as well as ones like ToonBoom and ZBrush. But I've seldom used them for any commercial work, unless a company I'm contracted with possesses these tools and requires their use.

Rather, I almost always rely on OpenSource software, not only because they're always financially sustainable for me, but also because they are accessible and convenient for use. Even for commercial use, they've been enabled me to create high-quality art on a budget, making my rates affordable to my clients. In fact, I've even switched my workstation to Ubuntu a long while ago simply because it was so stable, reliable, fast and secure!

The software I use are as follows:

Alchemy and MyPaint

For sketching and brainstorming.


For painting and frame-by-frame animation.


For image-editing.


For vector art and design.

Synfig and OpenToonz

For 2D animation and in-betweening.


For all things 3D, sculpting, video-editing, etc.


For video-editing.


For sound-editing.


My go-to text-editor. I've used it to develop my website!

And many more. But if even those aren't enough, my most trusted companions that have never left my side have almost always been a pencil and a piece of paper. And pastels. And color pencils. And charcoal pencils. And ink-brushes. And a ruler. And a drawing board. And the list goes on.

Where Else Can You Find Me?

Sometimes I shitpost at Minds and Twitter. Other times I merely update my art on my Facebook and DeviantArt pages. I also make webcomics at Tapas . And occasionally I doodle at Tumblr (of all places)!

Drop by and say hi any time!

Want To Work With Me?

If you have an idea that needs skilled hands to execute, or have any business-related queries, you can always contact me.